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Skidwise is a UK company that specialise in the design, production and supply of skid training cars and vehicles to a variety of markets. We can transform virtually any type of vehicle to become a sophisticated tool which can teach a driver the necessary skills required to control a vehicle that has reduced traction.
We utilise the latest hydraulic and computer technologies to develop vehicles that allow the instructor to create many types of skid conditions.

The Skidwise training vehicle incorporates an advanced driver training system that does not require a 'wet pan' or use a 'skidframe'
Trevor Hancock - MD
The System
The computer-controlled system receives inputs from the driving controls, (throttle, brake, steering and clutch) and depending on the program selected enters the vehicle into simulated skid. This is achieved by taking control of the steering on the front and rear wheels together with the brakes, thus resulting in the driver having the same sensation of losing control. The computer continues to monitor the driver inputs until he or she takes the appropriate corrective action and the control of the vehicle is regained. Drivers can be instructed in front and rear wheel drive techniques.
The adjustment of a switch by the instructor effects the degree of slipperiness to simulate dry road conditions through to sheet ice.
The fact that the vehicle never actually loses traction, means that there is no noise from tyre squealing or smell of burning rubber, which would please neighbours and leads to a lower wear rate on tyres.

The system can be installed to most vehicles including Cars, Vans, 4X4's, Buses and HGV's.

Benefits of the Skidwise system:

Low fuel/running costs
Low operating noise
Tyres last up to 1000 miles
Can be used in relatively small areas
Can be used at 1mph to 40mph
Simulates skidding at 70+mph
No set-up time
Portable, using a standard car trailer (not bus/HGV)
who we are
Skidwise is an innovative UK based company producing specialist skid training vehicles for government, local authority and commercial clients. Using the latest in hydraulic and computer control technologies enables us to create very adaptive and adjustable training vehicles.

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Unit 5 Elms Farm
Grove Road
OX12 7PD
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Unit 5 Elms Farm
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OX12 7PD

Telephone 01235 766481
Fax 01235 820197
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We can also arrange driver training. Please contact us for details.