In the event of the driver taking the wrong action resulting in danger, the instructor can end the skid at any time by releasing his finger from the controller. This would instantly return the vehicle to normal and as the tyres were not actually skidding (only simulated) traction is fully maintained enabling the vehicle to be steered and stopped easily.

The vehicle replicates all types of skid situations and responds to the correct action for recovery, starting at low speeds for the beginner and progressing to higher speeds for the advanced pupil.

What can the Skidwise Skid Car system do?

  • Understeer
  • Power understeer (front wheel drive)
  • Oversteer
  • Lift-Off oversteer
  • Power oversteer (rear wheel drive)
  • 4 wheel skidding
  • Cadence braking
  • Able to remove all braking effect
  • Simulate braking on ice, snow, water
  • Split surface braking
  • ABS demo
  • ESP demo


It can be used on any site large or small without the need for special chemical treatments and the environmental problems that these will create. It has been used in office car parks, military parade grounds, exhibition centres and even school playgrounds.

It does not leave any tyre marks and is quite quiet in operation.

The car can be taken to a customers own location, off loaded from the trailer and be ready for work immediately.

Supply Options

Vehicles can be supplied in several ways:

  • Built to order - The customer can have their own vehicle modified
  • Built to order - We can supply any vehicle to be modified
  • Rental - We can rent a vehicle by the day or week, with or without an instructor
  • Lease - Leasing may be available, dependant on terms
  • Training - We can organise training anywhere throughout the UK to your requirements

Please contact us if you would like to discuss these options in more detail.
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Skidwise is an innovative UK based company producing specialist skid training vehicles for government, local authority and commercial clients. Using the latest in hydraulic and computer control technologies enables us to create very adaptive and adjustable training vehicles.

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Unit 5 Elms Farm
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Telephone 01235 766481
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